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Team Member Giving Fund Grant Application

The Member Giving Fund was created to help team members who are facing financial hardship due to a qualifying event.

Qualified events include: Natural disasters, military deployment, fire or flooding impacting primary residence, serious illness or injury, victim of crime or domestic abuse, death.

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The Foundation, Inc. administers all fund activities, and when needed assist applicants with their grant applications.


A free service available to you and members of your household 24/7. Including five free confidential counseling sessions for each personal issue, such as stress, anxiety and depression. Work-life solutions, such as child or elder care and financial and legal support, with access to accountants and attorneys, and much more!


The Program links you to qualified events that your Company is participating in. To receive a grant through this program you must verify that you meet the criteria described at the top of the application. If you don’t see a qualified event option for the event you were impacted by, we encourage you to apply for a grant.